Tool for the completion / calculation of Self Assessments (Τ.Φ.158, Ε.Πρ.158, Ε.Πρ.158 ΕΕΙΤ και Ε.Πρ. 601) for individuals

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On the 27 March 2019 the Inland Revenue Department has created a tool for the completion/ calculation of Self Assessments (Ε.Πρ.158, Ε.Πρ.158 ΕΕΙΤ και Ε.Πρ. 601) for individuals. The tool is only available in Greek.

According to the amounts that you enter the tax /contribution on the income and the final tax/ contribution will automatically be calculated.

If there is tax due 

  • print the form and pay the tax/ contribution at the IRD’s cashiers or/and
  • pay via the JCCSmart webpage, for payments that are on time.

Payments via JCCSmart can be made up to 1/8/2014 for the tax year 2013. Use Code 0300 for Income Tax self-assessment (Form Ε.Πρ.158) and 0311 for self-assessment of special contribution of the private sector (Form Ε.Πρ.158 EEIT).

Payments for defence contribution can only be made at the cashiers as the due date for the tax year 2013 has already passed 2013 (0612 – interest collected without withholding and overseas interest, 0613 – Dividends received without withholding and overseas dividends, 0604 – rents received without withholding).

For more information, registration and submission guidelines, contact us.

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